Election Commission

Election Administrator Steve Gaddis




The Polk County Election Commission
6050 Highway 411
P.O. Box 157, Benton, Tennessee 37307
Phone: (423) 338-4531 / Fax: (423) 338-4549
Administrator of Elections: Steve Gaddis
Deputy Registrar: Nathan Hitson

The Polk County Election Commission is located in the City of Benton and is
responsible for assisting citizens
in voter registration and insuring that proper
voting procedures are followed.
It also verifies candidates and provides information
to the public on voter turnout and election results.

2014 County Primary Sample Ballets for Early Vote & May 6th Primary:
Democrat Primary – Cnty Dem. Prim Ballot 2014
Republican Primary – Cnty Rep. Prim Balot 2014

Upcoming Events:

Polk County Tentative Early Vote Dates for Polk County Primary Election May 6th  2014
West Polk – Election Commission Office April 16th – 30th  9: a.m. – 4: p.m. (9: – 12: on Saturdays)
East Polk – Satellite Office (Community Center) April 18,  19, 21, 23, 25,  26,  28,  30.  =  9: a.m. - 5:p.m. daily.

Election Board:
Chairman:      Tommy Davis
Secretary:       Freeman Curbow     (423) 338-2540
Member:         Bill Frady                  (423)  338-5268
Member:         J.M. York                  (423) 496-2197
Member:         Ronnie O’Neal          (423) 496-5773

The county commissioners, constables and school board members for each district are covered under the following voting precincts:

District 1

Delano Lions Club
Polk County High School
Chilhowee Middle School Gym

District 2

Greasy Creek Community Club
Springtown Fire Hall
South Polk School
Shiloh Baptist Youth Center

District 3

Ducktown City Hall
Copper Basin High School